Counselling Costs at MECCC

Costs and payment

The individual counsellors and Melbourne East Christian Counselling Centre Incorporated. believe that the provision of Christian counselling is a responsibility that should be shared across the whole Christian community. They would like to avoid making the provision of counselling ministry conditional on a user-pays fee-for-service basis.  So, they seek to cover the costs of counselling at the centre by the voluntary responses of counselees, and their families, friends and churches.


After considering all the time and inputs required to provide a quality counselling service (such as facility costs, writing notes, preparation for a counselling session, ongoing counsellor development, consultation and external supervision) we have found that an amount of around $110 per appointment is needed for our counsellors to receive an average income. However, to make their counselling as accessible as possible and encourage donations to MECCC Inc., our counsellors routinely waive part of this and take individual circumstances into account.  

So, after your counselling, you will be given an invoice from your counsellor for an amount of up to $85 along with the option to request an ‘Application for Benefit’ form. 

You will be able to respond in one or more of these ways . . .

  • You may pay all or some of the invoiced amount directly to your counsellor.

  • You may fill out the MECCC Inc. 'Application for Benefit' form for an amount up to any remaining balance, assigning any benefit you receive to your counsellor.  Subject to the discretion of MECCC Inc. and the availability of donated funds, the requested amount may be paid on your behalf.  

  • You may prayerfully consider donating to MECCC Inc. to help subsidise the cost of your counselling and/or the counselling of others

We rely on donations to provide subsidies to those who otherwise could not afford counselling.