Our Counsellors
Karl Hood
Karl is lead counsellor for MECCC. He has a masters degree in counselling from Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia and is executive director of Biblical Counselling Australia and  adjunct lecturer in pastoral care at PTC Melbourne. He was a pastor for almost 10 years before taking up work at MECCC. He is also a registered GP and works as an anaesthetist in Gippsland
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Grace Nicodemus

Born and educated in India, Grace obtained her MA before coming to Melbourne in 1994. While teaching academic English to students at Latrobe University, Grace completed all the counselling certificates from CCEF Philadelphia and has been counselling ever since. She has also done other studies in pastoral care. Her desire is to see holistic transformation of people’s lives. She deals with depression, anxiety, loss and grief. 

Kirstyn Castle

Kirstyn has worked as a counseling coordinator in a church and has completed the Foundations of Biblical Counseling program at CCEF.  This comprehensive study has included courses in a biblical view of personal change and developing effective helping relationships.  She also has training in understanding counselling problems and procedures in both individual and marriage counselling.  Her background is in Occupational Therapy - BOccTher (Hons).

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Sandy Bryant

Sandy has been involved in ministry to women for many years. She has a Grad Dip Div (ACT) from PTC Melbourne majoring in biblical counselling. Sandy is also a registered nurse with experience in medical clinics, aged care and mental health services. She has a passion for helping women affected by violence find hope and healing and move forward in life.  She has two married daughters and two absolutely wonderful sons in law and all four bring her joy every day. 

Jacqui Spanos

Jacqui’s career and training has been underpinned by a deep compassion and care for people. Jacqui has trained in pastoral care from several places, including PTC Melbourne.

Following a career in nursing and allied health, she was invited to pioneer the role of a ‘Women’s Pastoral Worker’ within her denomination in Victoria, where for several years she provided biblical pastoral counselling to support women of all ages.  She has also served as a certified Chaplain (Spiritual Care Practitioner) within the public health system.

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MECCC is a group of Christian counsellors with diverse personal and professional backgrounds who work together as a team. We have all had training in the counselling approach of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation that was established in Philadelphia in 1968 -  also known as biblical counselling or pastoral counselling. 

We strive to provide quality Christian counselling to people struggling with a wide range of problems. One of our goals is to support and extend the pastoral care and counselling that is provided in churches.

Melbourne East Christian Counselling Incorporated, an ACNC registered charity, manages the facilities and receives donations and distributes funds to support the provision of Christian counselling services. 


Past Centre News:


July 2019  From early next year we will be able to offer professional supervision for pastors and for biblical counsellors

July 2019  After a soft start, we are now fully up and running and about to start advertising.

June 2019  4 of our counsellors spoke last week at the BCA workshops and conference in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth

April 23rd. First day open for a 'soft start.' 

Years of dreaming . . . . 

March 1, 2019

We are just a few weeks away from the start of something each of us has worked towards for many years. 


Opening day April 23rd !

March 26th, 2019. 

We are booking our first appointments at MECCC from April 23rd. 

Untangling Emotions Workshop 2019

Alasdair Groves and Ed Welch of CCEF will be speaking at a BCA workshop day in Melbourne on Wednesday May 29th.  

The workshop is part of a two day residential conference. 

All our counsellors agree to a counselling code of ethics, carry professional indemnity insurance, and have current WWWC cards and police checks.  

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