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Kirstyn Castle - Biblical Counsellor

Kirstyn has worked as a counseling coordinator in a church and has completed the Foundations of Biblical Counseling program offered by the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (   This comprehensive study has included courses in a biblical view of personal change and developing effective helping relationships.  She also has training in understanding counselling problems and procedures in both individual and marriage counselling.   Her background is in Occupational Therapy (BOccTher – Hons.).


Kirstyn is actively involved in her local church and seeks to help people make meaningful connections between personal situations and the Gospel to enable personal hope, healing and spiritual growth.  She is passionate about enabling people to encounter God in the midst of life’s struggles, whether they are Christians or open to exploring the Christian faith. 


She has counseled women experiencing challenges related to:


  • Depression

  • Fear and anxiety

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Relationships

  • Marriage issues

  • Singleness

  • Grief and Loss

  • Guilt and Shame

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